Zelicks Icehouse Engagement in San Marcos, TX. | Sky + Richie


When Richie texted me a photo of the ring he had chosen, I was stoked on what was about to happen. He chose a stunning pear shaped diamond with a single halo in rose gold, and saved a diamond piece to put in his own future wedding ring so that he can, “have little piece with him always.”

Originally, he planned to propose to sky at a sanctuary for her favorite animal, the elephant. He knew for a fact he wanted all of her closest friends and family there because, that’s who Sky is, a lover of her people. Unfortunately, the sanctuary couldn’t accommodate such a group. So, he thought he would propose along the San Marcos river, which they often floated together. Alas, the river was closed.

He had Sky’s mom and brother scheduled to travel in from Louisiana, so he knew it had to be this weekend.

Then it hit him—the place they met! Zelick’s Icehouse. Full of twinkling lights and a friendly atmosphere, it fit them perfectly.

So while Sky thought everyone was coming to celebrate her birthday, Richie prepped his proposal and we prepped our cameras. 

He had her search him, looking for the ring hidden in his pocket. When she found it, he started his speech. “Are you serious? Please be serious,” Sky said. He was dead serious.

He got down on one knee, doesn’t remember what he said, and the rest is history. Sky + Richie will be getting married April 4, 2020!

Venue: Zelicks Icehouse

Ring: he went to Jared

“I love you more”

In Memoriam

Tammy Elaine Johnson