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WHO we are & WHAT WE DO

As Cayla’s dad said at our wedding, “they are planners and they are dreamers.”

We are also passionate creators and producers who happen to really like Chemex coffee and street tacos. We’re always ready for a road trip and our inbox is full of the latest international flight deals. When we’re not traveling or shooting, Netflix and good books are our jam (we have our own book club together—it’s pretty adorable).

Did we mention our fur babies, yet? Hazel + Nova. You bet you can find an entire highlight of them on our Instagram.

Next stop: * refreshing airline pages *

Currently watching: Bachelor in Paradise, of course!

Currently Reading: Station Eleven



I got my first DSLR when I was sixteen, and I intended to be a professional photographer ever since. I always had a fascination with photojournalism and telling stories through photographs. Over time, I learned that I liked photographing people specifically, and couples even more. I just love interacting with couples and facilitating a fun experience for them to remember together. And I get to exercise my love of photojournalism in telling their love story. I did go to school for photography as well. I went to Texas State University to study fine art photography, and then Austin Community College for their Weddings and Portraiture program.

xoxo, Cayla

I think my interest in photography and film has always been there, but it wasn’t until Cayla really started down this path that everything began to fall into place. Watching her grow as a photographer inspired me to get involved. We’ve both always wanted to be in a spot where we could work on a business together, and it’s such a blessing to be able to work with her on something that we are both so passionate about.


OUR process

If a couple is interested in working with us, we like to have a phone consultation with them as soon as we can. There are so many great photographers to choose from, and we want to give our couples a chance to get to know us a little—we think the connection should go beyond client/vendor. If they enjoy talking to us, we like to meet them for coffee and talk about their plans for their perfect day. We give our couples plenty of information from our end so they feel comfortable and informed. If they decide to invite us to celebrate with them, the rest is history! We also like to pamper our couples with a few surprises along the way. We want to be invested in their story and it’s so much fun to get them even more pumped about the big day.