Choosing a photographer means choosing the person who will be responsible for preserving one of the most important days of your life, the day that begins your own family and legacy. 

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Frequently asked questions

How soon will I receive my photos/film?

Photos: You’ll receive your sneak peek the following Monday after your wedding! Post up a new profile pic and relive a piece of the day while on your honeymoon. Then your full curated gallery will arrive in your inbox in one month!

Film: You’ll receive your social media trailer within two weeks! Share it on Instagram and get everyone super excited to see you star in your own sweet romantic movie. Then your full wedding film collection will arrive in your inbox in ten weeks!

Keepsake Box: Once everything listed above is ready to go, your beautiful keepsake box will begin is journey from being crafted just for you, stopping by our house for some final touches, then arriving on your doorstep for you to cherish forever. 

What is your travel policy?

We LOVE a good road trip. So we are currently servicing all Texas locations at no extra fee. We have family all around and don’t have to worry about accommodations here in our home state. If you’d like to have us hop on a plane or cross the state line (yes please!), we can chat about all of your wedding day details during our consultation! 

Will you attend our rehearsal or venue-walk-through?

Yes! The more time we get to spend with you the better! Rehearsals are dependent upon our availability that day, but venue-walk-throughs are often more flexible can be scheduled with us in mind. We get VERY jazzed walking through and planning out your day with you. You know the mock-ups Joanna Gaines presents to her design clients during remodels? That’s exactly what’s happening in our heads but with a love story. 

Do you have experience with difficult lighting?

Oh, absolutely. We’ve invested heavily over the years in both the education and equipment required to handle any kind of lighting situation your wedding space or the weather would like to throw at us. 

Do you back up your work?

Do you want to see my insanely organized archives? You can come over. But truly, we take our position here very seriously and we have back ups for all media inputs. This includes your photos, video footage, and even audio intake. Throughout wedding day, our cameras are writing to multiple sources at all times, and audio is being received on at least two recorders. Once we take your memories home, they are backed up to multiple hard drives, as well as a cloud service. Upon delivery, your collections are housed on your online platforms as well as your very own flash drive provided in your keepsake box. We do not take this part lightly. 

Our venue requires liability insurance, do you have that?

Yes! We can provide you with our insurance at any time. If your venue needs to be put on our policy, we are set up to make that happen in a matter of minutes. 

In the case of a major emergency, how will our wedding be covered?

We’ve worked incredibly hard throughout our career to build strong relationships with other artists that we deeply trust. These are professionals that we have shot with on multiple occasions and who have proven their reliability and expertise. In a worst-case-scenario in which neither of us could be physically present, we would assign one of these credible team members to lead the day. We would remain your editors and point of contact. 

We already have a photographer, can you just film our wedding (or vice versa)?

Yes! We shoot photography and film separately from each other as well as together. This is not uncommon and we are happy to learn more about your wedding day plans and how we can best serve you!

How long have you been shooting?

Since 2010! Cayla studied fine art photography and commercial photography at university with the goal of being a photojournalist focusing on people and cultural events. When we fell in love with shooting weddings, we realized what a perfect fit that was. So we started Carhart Photography in 2016 and it’s been the greatest thing we’ve ever created.  

What is your booking process? 

My parents are helping with our investment, how can they trust you?

We’re stoked that you asked! We require a signed contract and $500 retainer (which is applied toward your full investment). Dates are not officially reserved until both of these have been received. The remaining balance is due two weeks before your wedding day and can be paid in full or in payments at your leisure through our online client portal system—available to you at any time! We like to keep things simple! Let's get started.

We love our Carhart parents! I'll let one of them speak for us:

"I know I'm prejudice, but  that's the most gorgeous wedding video I've ever seen!! I feel like I owe them more money!!!"
- Carol Ann, Hayley's mom 2023

"I like you way too much. My baby, I'm afraid I'm falling for you."

- Weezer

Are you falling for us?

I think so. Let's find out ➞

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We’re Cayla + David, stars of our own pop-punk love story and artists committed to capturing yours. We’re a husband and wife production team based in Austin, TX devoted to telling love stories through photos and film that will last forever.